Michael Roach(non-registered)
Fred, you've shared an incredible number of wonderful photos here! Thank you! Great work here.
Eva Leo(non-registered)
I am Jeannie Leo's sister in law.
Daniel J. Cox(non-registered)
Beautiful Bulgaria images Freddy. Lots of great people images as usual. Love the potato lady and the chainsaw guy. Many, many others as well. Always great work.
Ben Cartledge(non-registered)
Wow. Great pictures that we have begun to expect. You are so very talented. I enjoyed very much seeing Italy through your camera's eye.
Jon Stanton(non-registered)
Fred, I read all the great revues of your photos below. But now it is time for some realistic criticism... Gee, I can't think of any. Superb photograhy. So fortunate to have been able to call you my friend for over 4 decades. Go KSX!
Catherine Larrick(non-registered)
Fred wonderful photos of New Zealand. It was an amazing trip, and great to meet you! Take care.
Gail G Pierce(non-registered)
Fred --
Great images of our trip to Sicily.
You captured everything.
It was fun meeting you and sharing the back of the bus with you and Peter!
Barb Acrea(non-registered)
I really enjoyed all the pictures of Ireland and other places you've been too. You do really quality work.
Joel Kleiner(non-registered)
Hi Fred, I really enjoyed your photo's. You have many, many terrific shots. In addition, you did some great editing. Thank you very much for sharing the link with me, and the rest of our terrific group.

Hope to photograph with you again soon.
Mike Cromwell(non-registered)
Greatly enjoyed your Galapagos shots, especially the birds. Tish and our daughter were there the week before you and had a great time.
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