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Welcome to Fred Kurtz Photography. I hope you enjoy the "Best Of" photos of the various places I have had the opportunity to visit. I thought this would be a nice way to share images with friends, family and photo buddies.

Below are the websites of the photographic tour companies I have traveled with. All offer a variety of fantastic domestic and international photo trips. I have learned so much from the professional photographers that accompany us on the trips.

Natural Exposures: www.naturalexposures.com
Luka Esenko Tours - Workshops: http://lukaesenko.com/tours-workshops/
Pixelchrome: www.pixelchrome.com
Strabo Photo Tour Collection: www.phototc.com

Guestbook for Fred Kurtz Photography
42.Mark Laue(non-registered)
Unbelievable photos you have a great eye
21.Ben Cartledge(non-registered)
Wow. Great pictures that we have begun to expect. You are so very talented. I enjoyed very much seeing Italy through your camera's eye.
20.Jon Stanton(non-registered)
Fred, I read all the great revues of your photos below. But now it is time for some realistic criticism... Gee, I can't think of any. Superb photograhy. So fortunate to have been able to call you my friend for over 4 decades. Go KSX!
19.Catherine Larrick(non-registered)
Fred wonderful photos of New Zealand. It was an amazing trip, and great to meet you! Take care.
18.Gail G Pierce(non-registered)
Fred --
Great images of our trip to Sicily.
You captured everything.
It was fun meeting you and sharing the back of the bus with you and Peter!
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